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Please see below some frequently ask questions:

Q: What is coaching?
A: Coaching is a form of professional development that helps individuals gain clarity on their goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals. I provide one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on helping individuals develop new skills, set meaningful goals, and create actionable plans to reach those goals.

Q: How does KarenJBcoaching work?
A: I offer a personalized coaching sessions to help individuals identify goals and create action plans to reach those goals. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and can include goal setting, skill building, and accountability. I also offer support and guidance throughout the process to ensure clients reach their desired results.

Q: How long does a coaching session typically last?
A: Coaching sessions typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The length of each session will depend on the individual’s needs and goals.

Q: What happens during a coaching session?
A: Each session will last between 60- 75 minutes depending what package you choose and has a focus and a clear outcome. I will follow on from a previous session and there will be a pre-coaching form completed before the next session.

Throughout each sessions actions and achievements will be reviewed as well as progress to be made. Any concerns or obstacles will be addressed and then solutions explored with action steps to take before the next session. I always follow up my coaching sessions with feedback, recommendations and personal assignments. Sessions are held online.

Q: How can I benefit from coaching?
A: There are so many benefits to life coaching however key benefits that may meet your needs are: increased self-confidence, a positive mindset, improved self awareness, improved relationships and boundaries, clarity, purpose and motivation, improved mental, emotional, physical well-being, lower stress levels and ultimately finding happiness.


If you have any further questions?

Please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to help.

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